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3 Colorful Cashmere Coats You Need In Your Wardrobe

Cashmere coats are winter wardrobe essentials that should be a staple in any woman's closet. In this blog, we show you 3 different styles that become even more luxurious thanks to the vibrant textures added with a colorful finish at first glance.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a luxurious and sought-after textile that originated in Asia, but it cannot be found on the cheap side. It creates an exceptionally lightweight and warm fabric which has been sought after by kings and aristocrats for centuries. A number of cashmere garments are imported to the United States every year, mainly because of their ability to retain shape. The fur undercoats have long coexisted with humans in Asia, providing warmth against the harsh weather conditions during the winter season.
Bullet Point: The quality of Turkish cashmere
Paragraph: Providing needed protection from the cold, the pureness of Turkish cashmere is highly prized among all other varieties in circulation today. Cashmere comes from goats who are variously crossbred with

Blogger Picks: 3 Coats We Love

The first coat we love, and can't wait to bundle up in this winter is the Ralph Lauren Woolie Coat. It comes in over-the-knee length or ankle length and features a gorgeous mandarin collar with navy trimming that adds such a pop of style.
The second coat we love is the iconic Burberry trench coat. This coat has been seen on everyone from Kate Moss to Miranda Kerr and it's no wonder why! Made from water-repellent Ulster wool fabric and lined with lightweight quilted cotton, this luxe outerwear stands the test of time and will give you great confidence as you walk onto the street.
ShotOf's Kiki Rose Cole Coat Number 3: For another fabulous winter look, we think you'll

Where to Buy Cashmere Coats?

It's a little unclear what the difference is between a cashmere coat and a winter coat, but I think the important thing to note here is that it's going to be a very cold season. Now if you're looking for cashmere coats in classic colors such as black and heather grey, Billy Baldwin has an incredible selection to choose from. And if you're looking for coats that pair well with leopard or zebra printed jeans then ShotOf has just what you need.

Our Recommendations on How to Wear Neon Colors This Winter

Wearing neon colors is the newest trend this winter, and it's quickly becoming ubiquitous with coats. You can incorporate this bold choice into your wardrobe by adding them to your staples like dresses, jeans, and shirts; you can also wear them on their own if you feel more comfortable in it.


These 3 colors, in particular, are perfect for anyone who wants to add some elegance to the often overwhelming winter wardrobe. They will be sure to take your winter wardrobe up a notch in style and class.

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