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How to Accessorize Summer Dresses Properly

How to Accessorize Summer Dresses Properly 

Being the hottest of the four temperate seasons, summer days require special preparation with respect to clothes. Cool summer breeze and fragrant spring blossom remind us of pretty summer dresses.

Summer dresses are not just limited to frocks. There are so many cool ways you can dress up. Skirts, pants, cute tops, and kimonos are just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s more interesting is there are millions of ways you can accessorize summer outfits. Each accessory plays an important role and can completely change the look of your outfit.

For example, put a hat on top of a cute summer dress and voila you are ready for a beach day.

Take off the hat in the evening and you are ready to go for a casual dinner without making any big change in your outfits.

Without further ado, let’s dive into accessories for summer dresses.

How to accessorize floral dresses:

Okay, so we know that floral dresses are the most popular choice in summer. They are colorful and bright.

Now if you end up wearing bold and colorful jewelry you will look like a pot straight out of the garden.

Opt for delicate jewelry because floral dresses are already the center of attention. Statement jewelry piece is a big NO-NO when it comes to styling a floral dress.

Delicate silver jewelry, small tops or studs, simple bracelets (silver of course) are your best options.

How to Accessorize a White Summer Dress:

If you are planning to style a white linen dress this season, go for a bold red lipstick with some cute sandals and a matching tote bag. You can also opt for a nice straw sun hat.

Accessories best for summer dresses:

Our options are not limited when it comes to accessorizing summer outfits. But keep one thing in mind, while the options are limitless you have to create a balance with the accessories.

Don’t go all crazy on them. Don’t neglect them either.

The pendant necklace with bracelets will be a good choice if you are not into heavy jewellry. If you have a plain dress then you can opt for more detailed ones.

Another great way to accessorize summer dresses is with belts. Belts can be used with frocks (short and medium length) as well as skirts.

A good quality thin leather belt will do the trick. Make sure the belt is in contrast with color of your outfit.

Bags can make or break your fashion game. Like belts, bags should also be in contrast with your outfit.

Another great accessory is a bandana or a summer scarf. Scarf being a versatile accessory can be worn in dozens of ways. 

Make sure to buy a lightweight scarf.

You don’t want to die by stuffing your neck with heavy fabrics in summer! 

You can wear your scarf as a hair accessory, bag candy, as a layer over your neck, or around your shoulder.

Not a big fan of accessories but still want to complete your look? No Problem! Earrings can do the job.

Again like everything else if your dress is simple you can go for medium-sized earrings. But if your dress is already speaking volumes, small studs or tops will do the trick.

What type of shoes you wear will depend on your dress. If it’s floral and bright opt for simple shoes. Nude colors will be a great option. You can go for stilettos, sandals, and wedges.

Know any accessory that should be completed avoided in summers? Let us know in the comment section.

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