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Kimonos - Your Morning Fashion

Kimonos - Your Morning Fashion

Some people have no desire to look like they have fought a war while sleeping. Tees and cotton pajamas are not everyone’s first choice for a good night’s sleep.

If you are one of those who like to look proper even in the morning but still crave comfort clothes, congratulations we have found the right garment for you.

You can enjoy a kimono classically, freely, and traditionally. Or how about starting your morning with a nice kimono robe.

Before finding the next best kimono here are a few reasons why a kimono might be your next favorite morning attire:


Made of luxury fabrics such as silk, kimonos are very comfortable and easy to wear. You almost feel like a cloud is wrapped around your body.

Imagine coming home tired and slipping on that kimono robe after taking a nice bath or waking up and slipping one.

You surely will feel on cloud nine. You can either opt for a silk or satin Kimono.

Chic and sexy:

Who doesn’t want to look chic and sexy? Ladies if you have a partner to adore you or just want to feel sexy for yourself kimono is your guy (or your robe).

What more can you ask for while lounging in?

Oh, I already see you dreaming about your evenings!


Believe it or not, even people who look like they came straight from the runaway and stay prim all the time don’t care about fashion when they want to relax.

That is why fashionistas opt for kimonos because they are lightweight and breathable.

Kimonos are very lightweight. Made with silk and satin you won’t even feel them (not literally).

Worn in every weather:

Some kimonos are thick and heavy which are best for cool weather. However, you can also find lightweight and comfortable kimonos for warm weather.

There is no shortage of them. Kimonos are popular for summers because they are light and airy (popular loungewear for sure).

You just feel good:

Kimonos are one of a kind pieces. Its value in the eyes of a true fashion lover is priceless. 

You don’t buy kimonos because they look exotic. It’s the feeling behind it that makes spending big bucks on it worth it.

The feel of luxury, the feel of royalty. The confidence you feel when you sipping your morning coffee while wearing a kimono and planning the day ahead.

If the above reasons are not good enough for you this reason alone will convince you to invest in a kimono robe.

We love to hear back from you. Let us know in the comment section what made you fall in love with a kimono.

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