How to Dress in Your 60s Female Style

If you are over 60, fashion may cater to younger women; however, you can find stylish clothing tailored specifically for older women.

An often-overlooked fashion tip is selecting colors that complement your skin tone. A color consultant can assist in choosing shades that will look best on you.

Keep it simple

Regarding fashion, the 1960s was an era of innovation and experimentation. Conservative ’50s dames met their more daring proto-’70s counterparts, producing an irresistibly varied melange that set trends for decades afterward.

The shapeless shift dress was iconic during the swinging sixties, and its timeless silhouette remains just as flattering today. Wear your shirt with tights or tall socks, a pillbox hat, a belt, and jewelry for the complete ’60s look.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a new wardrobe, try adding 60s pieces. Bold accessories and pearl strands can add just enough glamor.

Add some texture and vibrancy to your wardrobe with leopard or snakeskin prints! Even just a tiny touch can transform any look. Try incorporating leopard-print blazers, blouses, or sweaters featuring these prints for an eye-catching pop of color in any regard.

Keep it classic

Attractively designed styles that complement your age will keep your look refined, giving you time to focus on elements that make you appear younger, such as an attractive haircut or healthy skin. Avoid garish fashions that might work on someone half your age, especially any that could read as costumey.

An elegant sheath dress with a bow can be combined with a cropped jacket, opaque tights, hat, and pearl earrings to achieve a timeless silhouette. Additionally, a classic Peter Pan collar always stays in style.

Find an authentic 60s look by seeking inspiration from fashion icons of that era, such as Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, or Jacqueline Kennedy, who regularly donned skirt suits and glamorous evening gowns from Givenchy and other designers – such as Jackie O. You could pair the black Givenchy dress with Mary Jane shoes and colored tights to complete your own Jackie O look!

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Women in their 60s can certainly explore fashion to discover something new! While fashion may cater more towards younger crowds, experimenting and trying different aesthetics is the key to finding what best fits you! Don’t be intimidated to venture outside your comfort zone by trying on trendy pieces like boots or clothing you have been eyeing – do it and see which look suits you best.

One way to keep your style relevant in your 60s is to incorporate 1960s-inspired elements into your wardrobe. Mini skirts and modern dresses were iconic looks during this era – if you need help adding these trends, begin by finding an icon who inspires you, such as Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, or Madonna, as they may provide great tips! Make this decade your own!

Other essentials to add to your wardrobe include trainers beyond gym wear, a trench coat, and quality sunglasses. Good sunglasses will make your eyes pop and lift your cheekbones, further emphasizing them. Choose frames that feature classic or modern shapes depending on your facial structure – you may be more open to change with the latter option!

Don’t overload your closet.

Fashion trends often cater to younger people, making it easy to fall prey to trendy looks you shouldn’t follow in your 60s. One effective way of staying fashionable while remaining timeless in your 60s is sticking with classic styles – for instance, TikTok has recently seen an upsurge in coastal grandmother trends that is great for older women looking for ways to elevate their aesthetic and keep things classic! An example would be TikTok’s Coastal Grandmother trend, which offers minimalist beachside aesthetics perfect for older ladies. It will instantly elevate any look you might wear and elevate any ensemble you wear!

While experimenting with your wardrobe is fine, don’t overload it. No one needs clothes from when you were half your age sitting around; instead, focus on creating a capsule wardrobe to which you can add new trendy pieces.

Add a 1960s flair to your look by donning a mod dress or white Go-Go boots from this decade. Channel Audrey Hepburn or Twiggy with colored tights and bold eye shadow. Remember a chic fedora or silk scarf; these accessories will instantly elevate your outfit and boost your confidence!

Don’t be afraid to shop

If being taken seriously is important, now is the time to ensure your wardrobe reflects that. With ample funds and time to shop at will, making an impressionful statement about who you are with your clothing selections has never been simpler!

Avoid trends aimed at younger people while being mindful not to feel limited by age-appropriate standards. Try finding something that works for you and stay with it until something sparks joy for you – experimenting with new colors until something suitable emerges that makes you feel stylish and confident!

Once you reach 60, investing in tailored pieces that can serve any event imaginable may be wise. For instance, a blazer and intelligent jeans look equally appropriate at a weekend outing with friends as at an office dinner or brunch with your significant other.


As we conclude our style journey for women in their 60s, remember that fashion is about self-expression and embracing your unique beauty. Choose comfort, incorporate timeless pieces, and experiment with trends that make you feel confident. Style knows no age, and your 60s are an opportunity to showcase the elegance that comes with experience. Cheers to a wardrobe that reflects the incredible woman you are!

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