How to Know Your Body Shape Female

Measure yourself! Learning this essential skill will revolutionize the way you shop and dress. Get out your measuring tape and mirror today to find your measurements!

Rectangle body types feature comparable shoulder, bust, and hip width. Also referred to as an athletic build, women with this physique typically appear shorter and heavier than they are.


Women with rectangular bodies tend to be straight from shoulders to hips with an athletic physique and small bust; their bottom is flat, and their figure has an athletic style. Sometimes, this shape can be mistaken for an hourglass as its bust may resemble its counterpart, but the waistline doesn’t narrow significantly from shoulder or hip width, like with hourglass body types.

The rectangle body shape referred to as a ruler or box figure due to its straight line from hips to shoulders, is often the easiest shape to recognize as there are few curves compared to other figures. Famous women who possess this body type include Kate Middleton, Rosario Dawson, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cameron Diaz – to name a few!

When selecting jumpsuits or playsuits that best suit a rectangle body shape, look for styles with details to create volume in the midsection and balance out an angular silhouette. Ruching, ruffling, gathering, and pleats can help, while bright colors or patterns will help draw the eye away from the lower body parts of your frame.

Wide-leg or flared pants work best for this body type; too wide jeans will unbalance your frame. A skirt with a flared hem may work, too; ensure the fabric is soft and complete to support its silhouette. Shorts with turn-ups or pockets also work effectively for this body type.


Pear-shaped women have narrow shoulders and busts with wider hips, making for an ideal body type to draw attention to your waist. Unfortunately, it can also make finding tops that fit correctly across both shoulders and bust without riding up at the hips or catching at your core difficult.

How can you determine your pear shape? By looking in a full-length mirror and studying your shoulders and hips. If they appear smaller than their widths, this indicates pear characteristics.

On a night out, pair a fitted cropped sweater or blouse with exaggerated shoulders, a high-waisted skater skirt, and darker colors, such as charcoal gray. Wearing shorter styles tailored to end at the widest point of your leg. Long sleeves can also help elongate legs and look thinner. Long sleeves tailored with puff or cap designs can be incredibly flattering for maximum effect on pear-shaped figures.


The hourglass figure, made famous by curvaceous 1950s film stars like Sophia Loren, is characterized by hip and bust measurements that are nearly equal with a narrow waist measurement; shoulders should be slightly rounded outward; legs proportionate with the upper body;

An hourglass body shape requires striking a delicate balance between its top and bottom halves, so achieving it requires careful attention to diet and exercise. Achieving slimness requires wearing clothes without the extra volume on shoulders, waist, or hips, such as dresses with wrap styles or belts that emphasize your petite waistline; avoid big ruffles, bows, and embellishments that add bulky shoulders or hips.

Alternatively, if you have a pear or apple body type, try to lose weight from your upper half while increasing your lower body to achieve a balanced hourglass figure. This will make your curves appear more prominent while giving you that alluring hourglass figure many women seek. Plastic surgery may help if hourglass isn’t natural to you!

Inverted Triangle

If your hips and waistline are narrower than your shoulders and bust, you may have an athletic build, with both upper and lower body dimensions having similar widths.

Women who fall under this body type tend to possess solid and well-toned figures with well-defined arms and legs, featuring prominent muscle definition in each component or portion. One key challenge facing these body types is finding an equilibrium between the top half proportion and the bottom half size.

Broader shoulder measurements combined with narrow waistline and hip measurements can create a visual triangle between your torso and legs, necessitating volume to balance your appearance. Curves in hips and waistlines will also visually lengthen legs.

An effective style tip for this body type is to soften your shoulders by wearing loose or drapey fitting shirts and jackets and leaving unbuttoned any of the first few buttons of your shirt. Doing this will ease any material block covering your shoulder line.

Dresses, skirts, and pants that suit this body type include those with slightly flared hips and waistlines; dresses featuring side or back slits, as well as those featuring panels, box pleats, or vertical lines on the top, can add volume to your hip area.


In wrapping up our exploration of understanding your body shape, we’ve empowered you with the knowledge to embrace your unique silhouette. Recognizing your body shape is more than just a fashion insight; it’s a tool for enhancing confidence and making informed style choices. Whether you fall into the pear, apple, hourglass, or rectangle category, each shape carries its beauty and potential for fashion expression.

Remember, the key lies in celebrating your strengths and dressing to highlight them. Armed with the knowledge of your body shape, you can now confidently navigate the world of fashion, choosing styles that complement your figure and make you feel fantastic. So, here’s to embracing your individuality, making informed wardrobe choices, and showcasing the beauty of your body shape.

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