What to Wear For Professional Headshots Female

If your industry is more conservative, such as law or government, consider wearing dark clothing when taking headshots. Avoid low necklines, as this will make for unflattering photos.

Dark colors like charcoal, navy, and gray jackets go great with white or light blue shirts for an all-purpose combination that works across multiple backgrounds.

Dress in Comfortable Clothes

Clothing worn for headshots can help communicate both your style and personality. For example, professional athletes might wear track pants and sporty tops to convey their athleticism; actors might prefer more formal clothes as this gives the impression they are ready for business.

Additionally, you should choose clothing that fits well. In close-up shots, oversized or baggy clothing can look sloppy and unprofessional; tight-fitting clothes can make you appear slimmer and more attractive. Furthermore, it’s wise to avoid clothing featuring logos or distracting patterns for professional appearance purposes.

If you need assistance choosing an outfit for your headshot session, ask the person doing your photoshoot for suggestions based on industry and type. They should be able to offer guidance based on industry needs.

Dress in light colors that complement your skin tone for optimal results. If you have blue eyes, try wearing light or dark blue clothes (denim is an excellent choice!). Earthy tones and autumn hues also look great against your complexion – or for those with brown eyes who might benefit from greens and oranges!

Keep Your Hair Style Simple

Many people mistakenly assume a headshot session requires them to go all-out regarding hair styling, but keeping things simple is critical for creating effective headshots. You don’t want a complex hairstyle to distract viewers from seeing the person in front of the lens – instead, you want your facial features highlighted!

Also, do your makeup sparingly, as this will look unnatural in photographs. Furthermore, avoid wearing too much jewelry, as it could distract from your face. Finally, it would be beneficial if your attire reflected what you typically wear daily.

When selecting an outfit for headshots, consider that its colors should complement your eye colors since this will draw more focus onto your face. Therefore, if you have blue eyes, it is wise to wear greys and light blues, while earthy tones work best for green or hazel eyes. Before your photo session, removing lint from your clothing is also advisable, as digital cameras tend to show this kind of debris more readily than their analog predecessors. Ironing dark clothing in advance may help avoid visible creases from showing up as photo spots in photographs.

Drink Plenty of Water

As more water is consumed before photo sessions, you are less likely to feel tired or nervous. Furthermore, drinking plenty of H20 will hydrate your skin, protecting it against dry and flaky patches from developing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start drinking lots of it at least a few days in advance to be well-hydrated and prepared for success when your session arrives.

Avoid wearing clothing with extensive patterns, as this will detract the viewer’s focus from your face. Additionally, try to avoid spaghetti strap tops as they expose too much skin and may leave visible indents that can be hard to edit out of photos. Consider wearing fitted tank tops or blouses with sleeves instead for more conservative looks.

Neutral colors like black, grey, and brown make for the ideal professional wardrobe. Lighter hues may wash you out in photos; therefore, if opting for lighter-hued clothing, make sure it contrasts nicely against a darker jacket for optimal effect.

Layering can add texture and interest to your outfits while slimming them down. Be careful to do it sparingly, though, as overdoing it could create an unnecessary bulky appearance. Also, avoid wearing jewelry that could become caught in your hair or knocked off its place during movement.

Wear Eyeglasses

If you wear glasses as part of your work, bringing them with you to every session can help ensure clean lenses with no glare issues, and try on various frames to find out which looks best on you.

Glasses make it easier to focus on your face for a headshot, which is essential. Otherwise, capturing an authentic smile could prove challenging without looking directly into the camera lens.

Attire should be simple and flattering for pictures; classic rectangular styles or rimless glasses work best. Also, avoid bright colors that might distract from your face; mid-tone colors work better as they will work better with black and white images.

If you need more clarification on what to wear for professional headshots, observing others in your industry could inspire you on what will look best. Doing this may help you appear more confident and authoritative when taking photos; wearing clothes that fit you properly will show in pictures as if any tightness or excess material could show through.


As we conclude our guide on what to wear for professional headshots, remember that your clothing choice speaks volumes. Opt for timeless, solid colors, avoiding distracting patterns. Choose attire that aligns with your profession and showcases your personality. Confidence is your best accessory, so wear what makes you feel empowered. Capture your professional essence, and let your headshots tell your unique story.

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